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Even more life hacking and experimentation - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0rtswWdZo8&list=PLEAPYCvF3PpG4iVkrtOjEDbcurlGDfvW0
BORYMAN TV - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAwuAYBCPm7l-Drg7rktLhQ
VK - https://vk.com/public133812539

In this video I will blow up with firecrackers toothpaste, toilet paper, soap, washing powder and soda. Toothpaste showed the best result, she has been torn apart and all emerged from the tube. Turned out great spectacular video. Unfortunately, the firecracker was unable to break the toilet paper, don't know why. Washing powder also exploded into pieces, it's interesting how the powder flew through the air. Soda exploded as flour, firecracker caused a huge damage.

Many bloggers doing experiments, interesting life hacks, new ideas, magic tricks, DIY and other fun videos. I also shoot various experiments and life hacks, like 5 magic tricks, 5 simple life hacks life hacking to experience life hacks with the battery life hacking with firecrackers and other homemade experiments. Be sure to subscribe to the channel to not miss other interesting life hacks and experiments.

Now even the top bloggers making a video with the squibs, for example TimOn ChaveS THAT IF you PUT a FIRECRACKER in a BLENDER, but now he's crossed into a BEAR TRAP and iPhone, but this blogger like China Lol takes about firecrackers until now THAT IF you STICK a FIRECRACKER INTO a TOWER of COCA COLA, this is his last video.

These videos are popular around the world, even American bloggers filming different experiments, DIY and life hacks, there is such a channel as a Experiment at Home, so they manage to do such tricks with SHREDDING, translated as shredder, very effective, experiments, called HYDRAULIC PRESS 100 TON become very popular. And yet there's such a person as MrGear, he takes life hacks (English. Life Hacks), stunts (eng. Tricks) and experiments (eng. experiments) it get a very colorful video, for example 3 SIMPLE LIFEHACK has gained a million hits and 6 amazing tricks has hit the trend. Also recently there was a channel of MAD SCIENCE, they also conducted experiments with firecrackers and shoot such a video will can WITHSTAND a BB gun IS a MOCKERY? and others. There you have it, guys.

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